Our In-Depth Comcast Review 2016

Comcast ranks no. 1 on our list of Best Internet Service Providers of 2016

Our Ratings for Comcast


Connection Speed


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Services and Features


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Widest coverage in the US (40 states)


Consistently high download speeds up to 105 Mbps in many states


All plans come with Security Software



Some services are not available in selected states

Max Download Speed (Mbps):

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Our Top Internet Service Providers of 2016

1 Comcast
2 Verizon
3 Time Warner Cable
4 AT&T
5 Charter
6 CableOne
7 Century Link
8 Frontier

What We Found Out

Comcast provides home internet service to more than 19 million customers in 40 states across the country. Additionally, Comcast provides cable and phone services. Wireless internet access is available to customers in many regions as well.  Comcast’s fast and reliable internet access, expanding network, and advancing technology contribute to making it the biggest internet provider in the country. 

Comcast offers internet security with speeds from 6 Mbps to 105 Mbps. No matter if you choose the lowest speed or the highest speed plan, all internet subscriptions come standard with Constant Guard internet security which features Norton Security software. Families with low incomes looking for affordable internet services may qualify to purchase a 5 Mbps plan for an affordable fee of $10 per month. This allows students from low socioeconomic households to receive internet access they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Connection Speed

In several third-party tests, Comcast’s speeds put the company in the top 10 percent of internet providers. These speeds allow internet users to effortlessly accomplish activities including streaming media like music and movies, gaming, surfing the web, software downloading, shopping, and networking on social media websites. 

Comcast offers several different product plans to suit the internet needs of its customers. The company’s lowest-speed plan features a download speed of 6 Mbps with an uploading speed of 768 Kbps.  These speeds suit customers whose internet use is relatively limited. Comcast’s more moderate internet plans boast speeds of up to 25 Mbps. This plan accommodates those users who do not need to download high definition movies or share internet service with several computers. Higher-speed plans boast a downloading speed of 50 Mbps with 10 Mbps for uploading. These higher speeds are necessary for those wishing to do demanding tasks such as downloading HD movies or online gaming. In some of the network’s areas, Comcast offers even higher speeds of up to 150 Mbps with uploading speeds around 10 Mbps.  

Coverage area

Comcast provides internet to 19 million customers, or approximately 40% of all internet customers, in 40 states across the country.  Customers in most of those 40 states also have access to wireless internet. Large internet service providers like Comcast tend to focus their interests in cities where expanding their network and infrastructure benefits them the most. For this reason, Comcast’s services are not widely available in the Midwest. Residents outside of the continental U.S. cannot access Comcast’s DSL services. Also, Comcast’s highest-speed plans are not offered in all regions.

Services and Features

Many security features come standard as part of Comcast’s internet packages. Constant Guard Protection Suite, Comcast’s internet security package, includes a password manager, keylogger and backup protections, one-click secure logins, and extra security features while shopping online.  Customer’s receive further protection from Norton Security Suite which gives them identity protection, antivirus, antispyware, and parental controls. Comcast Xfinity subscribers can also take advantage of up to seven free 10GB email accounts. 

Customers with lower incomes may qualify for Comcast’s low-income program which includes an affordable 5 Mbps internet plan for about $10 per month. Because this program is directed toward low-income families who have school-aged children, the customer must have a student who takes advantage of the National School Lunch Program. Through this program, qualifying customers may also purchase a desktop computer for approximately $150.  

Comcast is well-known for their bundling services in which customers receive discounts on other Comcast services when they combine their internet plan with a home phone line and cable TV. Customers have numerous bundling options to choose from, or they can decide to just purchase an internet plan by itself.  Furthermore, Comcast offers home security services. 

Customer Support

Due to the fact that not every region within Comcast’s network has the same call centers and technicians, it proves challenging to rate Comcast’s customer support. With that being said though, Comcast Xfinity does offer several ways customers can receive support including by telephone, 24/7 live chat, or email.  Additionally, Comcast has service centers in most of the city areas within its network, and customers can receive help from on-site technicians who are available with fairly little notice. 

Customers can also access help by going to the company’s website which features information about its wireless and high-speed internet and other products. Additionally, customers have the convenience of finding their billing information online. They can even pay their bill or transfer their services using the company’s website.  Customers can also locate information about the company and its products by finding Comcast on Facebook and Twitter or by accessing Comcast’s active forum which features information about multiple topics. Comcast’s blog offers further support by keeping customers informed about the company’s most recent products and advances. 


Comcast delivers the reliable high-speed internet services they promise customers. In addition to offering some of the highest speeds available, Comcast also gives internet users a security package, identity protection, parental control options, and access to online television shows. Because of its ever-growing network, improving and expanding infrastructure, ability to manufacture and buy new technologies, and its commitment to maintaining its customer base, customers can rest assured that Comcast will stick around as one of the top internet service providers in the country. 

Overall Score

With high average connection speeds and the widest coverage in the US, Comcast deserves to be on top of our list. 

With free Internet Security and growing infrastructure, Comcast will continue to dominate the market. 


Final Score