Our In-Depth Time Warner Cable Review 2016

Time Warner ranks 3rd on our list of Best Internet Service Providers of 2016

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Our Top Internet Service Providers of 2016

1 Comcast
2 Verizon
3 Time Warner Cable
4 AT&T
5 Charter
6 CableOne
7 Century Link
8 Frontier

What We Found Out

Time Warner Cable (TWC), previously called Time Cable Communications, is based in Manhattan and has operating divisions in 31 cities including Buffalo, San Diego, Greensboro, and Cincinnati. With 15 million customers in 29 states using Time Warner’s internet, phone, and cable TV, Time Warner Cable is known as the second biggest multiple service provider in the U.S.  Residents within Time Warner Cable’s network can receive internet with downloading speeds up to 50 Mbps through TWC’s hybrid fiber coaxial cable network. However, users who do not require this high speed can purchase plans with speeds of 30 Mbps or less. Subscriptions come with free internet security. 

Despite receiving some negative press and reviews, TWC’s ability to provide internet with speeds much higher than 10 Mpbs is evidenced by the results of third party tests.  These tests also prove that it has speeds that surpass wireless and satellite options. TWC is frequently the only high-speed internet provider available in a region.  Furthermore, TWC has the money and the infrastructure to enhance their services and enlarge their network which shows customers that they will stick around in the future. 

Connection Speed

Customers can purchase internet services with a range of speeds so that they can choose the plan that suits their needs. Customers should keep in mind that the higher their internet speed the quicker they can do tasks such as streaming movies, gaming, and uploading pictures to social media.  For customers requiring high-speeds, TWC’s Ultimate 50 plan has download speeds reaching as high as 50 Mbps with 5 Mbps for uploading. The Extreme plan is a step down and provides a 30 Mbps downloading speed and 5 Mbps upload speed. This option is comparable to their Extreme plan. The Turbo plan comes with a 20 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed.  Their three lowest-speed plans all have an uploading speed of 1 Mbps. These plans are the Standard plan with a 15 Mbps downloading speed, the Basic plan with a 3 Mbps speed, and the Everyday Low Price plan with a 2 Mbps speed.  In particular regions, customers may be able to purchase plans with downloading speeds of up to 75 Mbps. If a high-speed package is offered in your area, it is worth considering especially if you use the internet for demanding tasks such as streaming media or if you want multiple computers in your home to be connected to the internet.

Overall, TWC provides internet service that is able to complete tasks such as streaming media. Third-party test results even put TWC in the top 25 percent of internet service providers though not all regions within TWC’s network have access to every plan. Customers need to get in touch with TWC to determine which plans they can purchase in their area. 

Coverage area

TWC’s network reaches 15 million customers’ homes in 29 different states across the country. Their network serves mostly metropolitan areas and suburbs and neglects rural areas though this is not an uncommon practice for major cable companies.  Additionally, Time Warner Cable does not reach residences in the West and in parts of the Southeast, so residents in states such as Montana, Nevada, Florida, and Georgia will be unable to purchase internet service from TWC. Also, only select regions serviced by TWC are able to use their hybrid fiber coaxial network that gives customers the company’s highest download speeds of up to 75 Mbps. 

Services and Features

A standard TWC internet package comes with 15 free email accounts. TWC’s highest-speed plans offer up to 30 email accounts with 5 GB of storage as well as free security features including antivirus, antispam, and firewall.

Internet plans use McAfee Internet Security Suite which allows parents to block the websites and filter the content they don’t want their kids viewing. Additionally, McAfee runs constant updates and has an anti-phishing feature as well.

Time Warner offers more than just internet. Customers can purchase high-definition TV, DVR, voice plans, and mobile services and are even able to bundle their services. However, features such as watching on-demand movies, managing one’s DVR remotely, DVR for multiple TVs, and recording on demand have limited availability within TWC’s network, so not all customers will be able to access these features.  

Customer Support

Customers have many avenues for contacting TWC’s customer support including by email, 24/7 chat, or telephone. Customers can also seek answers to their questions by searching the company’s support articles on their website. Service centers help customers with paying their bills, installing kits, swapping boxes, and much more.  Another convenience that comes with choosing TWC internet is that several Best Buy and P.C. Richard & Sons stores have the ability to add or upgrade TWC services.

In terms of customers needing on-site service, TWC’s service technicians generally get out to customer’s residences within a few days and are able to assess and fix problems onsite even if it takes additional visits. 


Time Warner Cable meets the requirements most customers look for in their internet service provider. They offer reasonable prices for their reliable internet service and have dependable customer support. Tests performed by third parties reveal that TWC offers downloading speeds ranging from 10 to 50 Mbps, allowing customers to perform common online tasks including streaming media, networking on social media, and shopping online. 

Overall Score

Time Warner Cable is able to offer above average connection speed with its expanding network infrastructure. 

With 15 million customers in 29 states in the US, Time Warner proves that they are able to provide cheap and reliable Internet to its customers.


Final Score